MPE students are highly engaged in hands-on, project-based learning during our daily 50-minute Enrichment Block. Students learn science and social studies concepts through our Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) in TAG and general education classes daily.


The Schoolwide Enrichment Model was developed by renowned educational psychologist Dr. Joseph Renzulli (University of Connecticut). The SEM model infuses higher level thinking activities and more opportunities for creativity into every classroom. Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a highly engaging and motivating approach that draws more involvement, interest, and investment in learning from students. By combining the project-based approach and SEM strategies, student engagement and learning will soar!


From “Kindergarten Silly Story Ladies” to “Famous American Living Museums,” creating meaningful learning experiences requires partnerships between parents, students, and teachers. As always, YOUR financial support of SEM is critical as approximately $32.00 per student is spent each year for additional enrichment opportunities. Donations enable us to purchase additional materials, bring in speakers and schedule on-site field trips, which enhance learning above and beyond the regular curriculum. Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities!


  • Here are some of the exciting ways that students will engage in SEM this year:
  •  Building 3-D Communities - Students at various grade levels engage in 3-D mapping
  •  Salt Maps - Students construct salt dough maps of landforms and bodies of water to deepen their understandings of geography
  •  Live Weather Forecasts - 1st graders become meteorologists as they review, report, and predict the daily weather
  •  Investigating Life Cycles - Learning about life cycles is an organic process. From planting seeds to hatching eggs, students fully explore the circle of life
  •  Schoolwide Conservation Project - 3rd graders help MPE go even greener as they lead our official conservation project to reduce the amount of energy our school uses
  •  Silly Story Ladies – A featured author/story is brought to life monthly in kindergarten
  •  Native American Food Tasting – 2nd graders experience a meal like an original Georgian
  •  Living Museums – Students research and become famous Georgians or American heroes
  •  Interest Based Research Projects - Students create meaningful products to show what they’ve learned about topics of interest
  •  Potlatch – 4th graders relive a day as a, re-enactments, and typical daily activities
  •  Guest Speakers – Local politicians and historians, war veterans, guests from the CDC and Historic Roswell, the Fulton County Schools Teaching Museum and more
  •  High Touch–High Tech – On-site field trip with hands-on science activities for each grade
  • 100th Day Hoopla – Kindergarteners count up to the 100th day of school and celebrate
  •  Trashion Show - 3rd graders present a fashion show featuring recycled materials
  •  Party Animals – On-site critter visit for kindergarteners when studying Animal Families Unit
  •  Mustang Market – 5th grade students research, design and market their own products
  •  Yearly Teacher Training - Professional development for our teachers to ensure the highest levels of instruction for our students

We can’t wait to see students even more excited, engaged and enthusiastic about their learning!


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