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Screening and Referral for Gifted Services/TAG

The Fulton County School System screens students for eligibility for gifted services twice a year.


I. Automatic Screening - At the beginning of the school year, TAG teachers review the previous year’s test scores.

  • Standardized Tests (New Students)

Students must have a minimum of an 85th percentile and a 90th percentile in two of the three areas: Total Reading, Total Math and Complete Battery.

  • Acceleration Assessments (Grades K-3)

Students must score 80% or greater on the system’s Acceleration Assessment for English/Language Arts or Mathematics.

  • Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (Grades 4-9)

Students must score in the top 20% on the reading or mathematics section when compared to all other students in the system.

  • Grades (Grades 10-12)

Students must have an overall cumulative average of 95 or greater.

II. Classroom Screening - Local schools select a two-week period from Jan. 7-Feb. 28, 2014, to review all students in the school (Grades K-11).

  • Classroom teachers use the Characteristics Instrument for Screening Students (CISS) to identify students with superior abilities in five or more of the following areas: motivation, interests, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, memory, inquiry, insight, reasoning, creativity and humor. 


Students who meet either the automatic screening OR classroom screening criteria AND who have supporting data gathered from test history, products, and/or advanced content levels are referred for gifted placement testing. Once referred to testing:

  • Parents receive the Parent Notification for Testing Consent Form.

  • The student is tested for the gifted program.

  • Parents receive test results.

  • If state eligibility is determined, students are placed in the TAG program with parental consent.

Parents may request to view their child’s screening results.


For more complete information regarding Fulton County Schools Gifted Services, please visithttp://portal.fultonschools.org/departments/academics/Curriculum/TAG/Pages/Profile.aspx. There you will find our Talented and Gifted Brochure and Q&A documents. You may also contact the teacher of gifted students at your school.