Mustang Flyer Guidelines



The Mustang Flyer is the weekly communication newsletter that goes out through School Messenger every Thursday.  The purpose of the Flyer is to communicate school news and relay information from the community that is pertinent to the student body.  However, given the large student population, the Flyer does have to follow certain guidelines in order to keep the newsletter concise and relevant to the MPE population. The following guidelines are in place in order to be consistent with what can be included. 




Outside Vendor After School Activities:  Given the numerous after school activities available, the editor cannot include articles about or announcing sign-ups for any outside vendor classes or camps.  Each approved vendor is given permission to communicate to the student body through Peach Jar. They can host a table at Open House and place flyers in the front office.




School sponsored activities such as the drama production and music programs or classes that are offered to parents which benefit the school community as a whole are included. MPE Business Partners and MPE business “friends” also may submit articles which are approved by the principal and editors.




Charity Fundraisers: Articles pertaining to charity fundraising can be included if it is a school-sponsored/student council sponsored fund-raiser.  Exceptions are made if it is an organization that is directly linked to a student at MPE.  If a child is affected by a disease or illness and that organization is organizing a fundraiser, MPE wants to fully support the event and make the MPE community aware of it. 




Community News: The Mustang Flyer can include articles that announce information pertaining to our feeder schools: Crabapple Middle, Roswell High or any other Fulton County School. The Flyer can also include any community events that are connected to the City of Roswell, Roswell Recreation Center and Teaching Museum which is part of Fulton County Schools.  Information about scouting is also included.




Legislative Issues: Any information regarding legislative issues cannot be included in the Flyer unless the Georgia PTA has taken an official position on the issue and it is approved by the principal. 


Order of Articles: Articles that meet guidelines above will be included in the following basic order: 


1. Scheduled events - MPE
2. Scheduled events - PTA
3. MPE and PTA other (Box Tops, etc.)
4. Business Partner events
5. Charity/Community News




Deadline for articles: Tuesday night, 9:00 pm.


Each Flyer goes through three stops in the editorial process before it is approved and sent each Thursday by Stacy Perlman; so please adhere to this deadline. Thank you!




Where to send completed articles: email to




Elements of a completed article: Please send your articles with all of the pertinent information—the who, what, where, when and why, spell-checked and date-checked (is December 4th a Tuesday?) and we will then have time to be able to accommodate any last minute change/add requests more readily.




How long will your article run?  Maximum of two weeks.  If you want/need to run an article longer than two weeks, you must submit a new article with updated copy and/or additional info and a new headline after the first weeks.