2016-17 Full Board

PTA Full Board 2016-17
PTA 2016-2017 Full Board 9-27-16.xls
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2017-2018 Slated Executive Board

MPE PTA Executive Board
slated for 2017-2018 
Posted February 8, 2017 to be voted on March 16, 2017 at 6:00 pm
Co- President 2017-2018 – Susan Westbury
Co- President 2017-2019 – Traci Hartog 
Parliamentarian – Jill Underwood
Secretary- Marcey Duffy
Treasurer- Sara Maurer
VP Membership- GG Daly
VP Communications- Rachel Willis
VP Curriculum Enrichment- Lindsey Slack
VP Community Outreach- Trina Balash
VP Fund Development- Katie Tucker
VP Initiatives- Lynne Unglo
VP Volunteers- Michelle Knight
VP Staff Representation- Julie Adams
Please plan to attend the PTA General Meeting on
March 16th at 6:00 pm in the Cafeteria to elect the Executive Board for 2017-2018.
Respectfully submitted February 8, 2017 by 
Nominating Committee 2017 Chair Jill Underwood 
on behalf of the committee


Title First Name Last Name Cell phone Email address
Co-Presidents Sabrina  Howry 678-360-0111 pta2sabrina@gmail.com
Co-Presidents Susan Westbury  404-428-5859  rswestbury@comcast.net
Parliamentarian Jill Underwood 904-955-0632 ljgpants75@aol.com
Secretary Marcey  Duffy 770-337-4957 littled628@comcast.net 
Treasurer GG Daly 770-310-1088 dalygg@gmail.com
VP Membership Wanda Nielsen 770-596-0258 wanda.nielsen@gmail.com
Directory Natalie  Fitch 404-452-6339 ncfitch13@gmail.com
Membership  Molly Holbert 678-612-7426  mollyholbert@gmail.com
VP Communications Rachel Willis 678-485-6313 rachelwillis1974@gmail.com
Facebook Coordinator Jill  Underwood 904-955-0632 ljgpants75@aol.com
Hoofprints Kathryn Mulkey 404-431-6234 khmulkey@gmail.com
Marquee Wendy Buck  770-910-5464 wendykbuck@hotmail.com
  Allison Otting 614-327-2879 allisoncampbell@hotmail.com
Mustang Flyer  Leah  Burdett 770-634-3200 leah.burdett@yahoo.com
  Laura Baltes 843-902-0088 laura_baltes@hotmail.com
  Kelly Watton 678-640-7168 kellywatton@yahoo.com
Public Relations Brandi Willis  770-655-8565  brandiwillis@gmail.com  
Yearbook Loretta McPartland 410-507-0561  jlmcpart@aol.com
Website Kathryn Mulkey 404-431-6234 khmulkey@gmail.com
  Caulie  Hamling 770-315-2491 Cauliehamling@gmail.com 
VP Curriculum & School Initiatives Lindsey Slack 770-880-6168 lindseyslack1@yahoo.com
Cultural Arts Emily Sheehy 678-559-6659 creative_commerce@yahoo.com
SEM Co-Chair Becky  Newkirk 678-480-3841 newkirk585@yahoo.com
SEM Co-Chair Julie  Trehern 770-827-0198 jmtrehern@gmail.com
SEM Grade Level/Silly Story Ladies Sheerie Owen 404-452-2657 sheerie.owen@gmail.com
  Sarah  Buehrle 770-688-5579 Sbuehrle@hotmail.com
Science Expo Sarah Hailey 404-520-6693 haileyfamily840@gmail.com
Open House  Lindsey  Slack 770-880-6168 lindseyslack1@yahoo.com
VP Community Outreach Amy  Patrick 404-944-4917 amysmith29@gmail.com
Dad's Club Leslie Turner 770-596-2546 liturner10@gmail.com
Donuts for Dads & Dear Ones Leah  Bailey 404 441-8476 Leah@leahbaileyinteriordesign.com
Grandparents' Day Trina Balash 678-596-7503 Trina.balash@gmail.com
  Kasey Murrey 404-829-5876 kaseymurrey@gmail.com
Legislation  Sara Maurer 678-467-5273 maurers795@gmail.com
New Family Liaison Elysa Greenwald 770-601-2215 elysa135@gmail.com
Business Partners Elysa Greenwald 770-601-2215 elysa135@gmail.com
City Event Chair Kristen Watford 404-944-6196 davidwatford@comcast.net
Movie Night  Deana Larson 770-880-9330 deanalarsonpta@gmail.com
Safe Routes to School Jennifer Barton 404-452-8986 jcahill50@gmail.com
VP Fund Development Katie Tucker  770-845-1139   katherineytucker@gmail.com
Box Tops/ Coke Rewards Christine  Finch 770-998-5329 christinefinch@bellsouth.net
Holiday Extravaganza Christine  Mason 770-910-7909 masonsfour@att.net
  Summer Lindvig 404-932-0499 summerlindvig@gmail.com
Square One Art Milette Esposito 770-587-4861 miletteesposito@comcast.net
  Jill Underwood 904-955-0632 ljgpants75@aol.com
School Tool Box Jill Underwood 904-955-0632 ljgpants75@aol.com
Maura Roberts Photography Rachel Merrell 678-925-7700 rrmerrell@gmail.com
VP PTA Initiatives Lynne Unglo 770-401-1222 lynne@lynneunglo.com
Drama Club Director Jennifer Rathbun 719-322-0298 jenniferharris7@msn.com
Env Ed/Recycling Erika  Rodriquez 770-490-2970 erika@orchidindustries.com
  Susan Juers   juers@fultonschools.org
Facility Enhancement Stephanie Tackitt 770-313-9959 Tackittsteph6@att.net
Family Fun Night Ashlee McCarthy 513-205-7009 ashleemccarthy.m@gmail.com
  Julie  Trehern 770-827-0198 jmtrehern@gmail.com.
Fifth Grade Farewell Chairs Kim  Donaldson 770-594-8958 kimdonaldson91@gmail.com 
  Stephanie Parmele 678-580-2723 sparmele@gmail.com
Fifth Grade Float Nikki LaRussa 229-942-3033 larussan@fultonschools.org
Mini-Grant Review Shannon  Childers 404-932-6741 shannonc331@gmail.com
Spirit Wear Kalene Martin 404-259-4957 kalenemartin@me.com
  Jan  Oetinger 770-364-0735 jan_oetinger@yahoo.com
Spring Fling Erin  Williams 770-645-0771 williamsfamily@bellsouth.net
  Susan Burris 404-510-0428 susanburris21@gmail.com
Reflections Wanda Nielsen 770-596-0258 wanda.nielsen@gmail.com
VP Volunteers Traci Hartog 770-312-1408 tracihartog31@gmail.com
Academic Assistance Jill Underwood 904-955-0632 ljgpants75@aol.com
Book Fair Wendy Gotham 770-696-2418 wdgotham@gmail.com
  Lindsay Rocco 404-932-9618 lindsay.rocco@gmail.com
Field Day Leslie Turner 770-596-2546 liturner10@gmail.com
Lost and Found Shannon  Gillen 404-272-7725 smgillen@gmail.com 
  Amanda Rapp  678-446-8151  ahrapp@gmail.com
Mustang Millions Rebecca Meyer   rncmeyer@hotmail.com 
Room Parent Coordinators Rachel Merrell 678-404-5595 rrmerrell@gmail.com
  Michelle Knight 678-352-9434 michelle.knight@charter.net
Staff Appreciation  Jo  Harris 770-609-8570 jomuggs@gmail.com
  Jill  Underwood 904-955-0632 ljgpants75@aol.com 
  Stephanie Parmele 678-580-2723 sparmele@gmail.com
PAWS Brigit Magin 770-330-5831  
  Kathleen Bertrand 704-526-8770  
Hearing &Vision/Picture Day Kathryn  Montgomery 425-478-6319 mskathrynm@hotmail.com 
VP Staff Representation Blair  Helvey   helveyb@fultonschools.org