Treasurer Information

Checks will be signed on Thursday mornings and will be available for pick-up by 1:00 pm on Thursday.  All check requests must be accompanied by ORIGINAL receipts and submitted by Wednesday at 3:00 pm for a check to be cut and signed by Thursday morning. Submit checks either in the Treasurer folder (Sara Maurer) in the top drawer of the file cabinet or the front bin on the door of the PTA office.

Please make sure that expenses are appropriately approved by VP’s, receipts are attached, and all expenditures are in the budget before requesting a reimbursement. Forms and procedures are located below for downloading. If you have any questions, please contact Sara Maurer at or 678-467-5273.


Cash Receipt Box.docx
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Financial Procedures 2017-18.docx
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MPEPTA Received Funds.docx
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MPEPTA RequestForCheck.docx
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