(2021) Holiday Extravaganza Baskets

Kindergarten baskets

Top Row: (L - R)  - Mrs. Feyt: Pour into You - Spa/Self Care, Mrs. McCarter - Family Movie Night with Homemade Quilt, Ms. O'Sullivan  - Family Beach Vacation

Bottom Row: (L-R) - Mrs. Romanos - Canton Street Girls Day Out, Mrs. Weigand - Weekend Family Fun

1st Grade baskets

Top Row L-R: Mrs. Borders - Roswell Hornets, Mrs. Davis - Backyard Camping,  Mrs. Elgin - Atlanta Hawks

Bottom Row L-R: Mrs. Fussell/Mrs. Harlow - Fall Lake House Overnight, Ms. McLelland - Book Club Basket, Mrs. Winter -Auto Care Basket

2nd Grade Baskets

Top Row L-R: Mrs. Burgess & Mrs. Adams - Surviving 2020, Mrs. Butler - Top Golf, Mrs. Dunn - Little Feet Soccer

Bottom Row L-R: Mrs. Granados - Great Wolf Lodge Birthday Adventure, Mrs. Nesbitt - Parent's Night In


3rd Grade baskets

Top Row L-R: Mrs. Adebayo - Legos, Mrs. Frazier - Doing Things Without Screens, Mrs. LaPietra - Interior Design with Nicole PUzo Designs

Bottom Row L-R: Mrs. Ricketson - Relaxing with Ricketson Basket, Mrs. Shirley/Mrs. Foy - Football Tailgating, Mrs. Stahl - Pet Care Basket

4th Grade Baskets

Top Row L-R: Mrs. Azimzadeh - UGA, Mrs. Bartlett-Plett - Home Depot, Mrs. Duke/Mr. McElvaney - Art Basket

Bottom Row L-R: Mrs. Feraco/Ms. Beta - Fidget Fun, Mrs. Navarra - Blue Ridge Toccoa River Vacation, Mrs. Pfeffer - Georgia (and Beyond) Outdoor Family Adventure

5th Grade Baskets

Top Row L-R: Mrs. Brooks - Gamer/Nintendo Switch, Mrs. Chamberlin - Spring Lake House Stay, Mrs. Corson - Vintage Rewind

Bottom Row L-R: Mrs. James - Let's Move, Mrs. Linn - Atlanta United