We are excited to announce that we will be performing The Wizard of Oz for our 2020 play performance!  


We need VOLUNTEERS!  We need front desk help, dance captains, t-shirt chairs, concession stand coordinators and much more!  Please look over the Volunteer document below and email us at mpewizardofoz@gmail.com if you are interested in any opportunity. We would love to have your help!

The Wizard of Oz_Available jobs.docx
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Registration for auditions for The Wizard of Oz CLOSED on September 3 at 4:00.  We look forward to seeing everyone at auditions!  If you have registered you should be receiving an email by September 5th.
If you have any questions, please contact us at mpewizardofoz@gmail.com.
The play is open to all students in 2nd grade - 5th grade.  
Audition Week: September 9 - 13
Monday - 5th 
Tuesday - 2 & 3rd
Wednesday - 4th
Production Week: February 3 - 8, 2020

What to Expect at Auditions (4th & 5th):


1) Everybody will go straight to the gym to check-in and receive a number and name tag.  PLEASE wear them.  Even though we know you guys, it will help you, and us, to keep everything organized and moving smoothly.
2)  Once you have received a name tag, you will be asked to sit quietly in the gym until everyone is checked in.  The audition process starts NOW.  We will have lots of great volunteers helping everyone get into groups, and get lined up.  Helping this process by paying attention, remaining quiet, and following instructions, will earn you a “star” by your name before we even start!
3) The first groups to audition will be those who are selected "Group 2 Audition (Production/Ensemble) (for example:  "Home", "Munchkinland", "Winged Monkeys"). We expect this group to be done with auditions at 3:30.  Please park and come to the gym through the front doors. Someone will be there to let you in.
4) The second group to audition will be those who selected a "Group 1 Audition (Lead and Feature) (for example: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Toto, Glinda, Tough Kid #1).   We are hoping that these auditions are done by 4:30.  Please park and come to the gym through the front doors. Someone will be there to let you in.
5) While you are waiting to go to your audition in the chorus room, you will be learning choreography.  Not every part in the show requires dance ability, so don’t worry!  We are not looking for perfection, we just want you to show a willingness to try, and do your best.  If anyone truly does not want to participate in this portion of the audition, they may sit and work quietly on homework, a school approved device, or read.  
6) The choreography will include three to four 16 counts, each showing a different style.  The combinations are not meant to be difficult, but are meant to give every child a chance to show their personality.  You will learn combination 1 as a large group, and then show off your moves in smaller groups.  Once everyone has had a chance to do it a few times, we’ll move on to the next combo.  Our goal is to keep everyone busy while they wait, and to have lots of fun!  Snack breaks will be included, so bring a nut-free snack.
7) There are over 200 kids auditioning.  We want to give every child ample time to shine, but we also don’t want to keep them here all night.  Please be patient!  We promise to keep things moving as quickly as possible every day! 
8) MOST IMPORTANT:  Be Respectful and Have Fun! Enjoy making new friends, and visiting with old.  Support each other by being on your best behavior, listing to our volunteer parents, and doing your best.  We can’t wait to see you!!
What to Expect 2nd at Auditions (2nd & 3rd):
Students auditioning for a 2nd & 3rd Grade Chorus Group do NOT have to prepare a song. We will have you introduce yourself, sing something in a small group, and do a small amount of choreography if time allows.
2nd & 3rd Grade Chorus Groups will audition on Tuesday, September 10 immediately after school in the gym.  Please send in a transportation note and a peanut-free snack. 
All students will be available for pick-up at 3:30. Please park and come to the gym through the front doors. Someone will be there to let you in.
For children in Right at School and any other After-school activities: remember to notify these programs if your child is auditioning after school. We will return them to their program at the end of their audition.