The MPE Drama Club is pleased to announce the 2016 production of...

Peter Pan, Jr.
February 23-25, 2017

Rehearsal Schedule

(subject to change)

Grade Group Group Parent Day(s)   CD # Song
1st girls Blossoms Becky Newkirk Tues/3:30   5 Second Star to the Right
4/5 boys Buccaneer Julie Bruun Thurs/3:30   34 Walk the Plank
3rd girls Elegants Jett Denton Tues/3:40   4 Elegant Captain Hook
4/5 girls/boys Indian Braids Susan Burris Thurs/3:40   26 What Makes a Brave Man Brave
2/3 boys Jr. Lost Boys Wendy Gotham Wed/3:45   35 I Won't Grow Up
4/5 girls Lead Fairies Lana Stowers Tu/Th/4:00      
4/5 girls/boys Lead Lost Boys/Braves Jan Oetinger W/Th/4:00      
4/5 girls Lead Mermaids Melanie Polhill / Heather Smith Wed/4:00      
4/5 girls/boys Lead Pirate Kassie Blocker W/Th/4:00      
  Leads Laura Schupbach        
K boys Little Crocs Shelli Thomas Wed/3:30   24 Crocodile Rock
4/5 girls Mermaids Jill Underwood Wed/3:30   22 Sunbeams & Sea
2nd girls Pixies Stephanie Parmele Tues/3:35   8 or 9 You Can Fly / Fly to Your Heart
1st boys Rockers Wendy Buck Wed/3:30   27 Jailhouse Rock
3rd girls Smilies Julie Arce/GG Daly Wed/3:40   14 Never Smile At a Crocodile
3rd girls Sprites Bonnie Braine / Sara Maurer Tues/3:40   17 Hit Me With Your Best Shot
2/3 boys Swash Bucklers Laura Baltes Tues/3:25   11 He's a Pirate
2nd girls Tinks Ann Taylor Tues/3:30   21 You Keep Me Hangin' On
K/1/3 girls Twinkles Nicole Wang Mon/3:30   2 I Believe I Can Fly
Captain Hook T/W/TH Peter Pan T/W/TH      
Crocodile W Smee T/W/TH      
Wendy T/W/TH Tinkerbell T/W/TH      
John & Michael T/W/TH Tiger Lily W/TH      
Mr & Mrs Darling T/TH Chief Tiger Bamboo W/TH      
Nana T/TH