Room Parent Info

If you have any questions for our room parent chairs, please contact:
 Sabrina Howry at or Ann Loewenthal at
Room Parent Job description:
  • Develop class roster and distribute it to each family
  • Set up an email distribution for advising parents of school or class activities
  • Schedule all in-class volunteers as requested by the teacher.
  • Create and Lead the sign-up sheets for Curriculum Night to gather parent volunteers for the various activities throughout the year.
  • Plan the school organized parties (Winter Holiday Party and End of the Year Party for all grades.  Grades K-2 also have a Valentine's Day Party).
  • Collect monies and items needed for class parties.
  • Provide teacher with assistance with classroom projects, field trips, celebrations, school events, etc.
  • Teacher Appreciation:  Coordinate with parents for a small token around the holidays, Coordinating teacher appreciation activities and soliciting volunteers to provide food for grade-level teacher appreciation events.
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